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Georgia Tech Swim Club is the official club swimming team at Georgia Tech. It is open to students, faculty, alumni, and staff of all various swimming abilities. More information can be found at the links on the left.


Practices have officially begun! If you were unable to join us on the first day, feel free to drop by any practice to learn more about joining GT Swim Club! The schedule is listed below.

Also, sign up on the join page to be notified about upcoming events.

We will be hosting the 2014 ECC Swim Club National Championships at Georgia Tech Aquatic Center. Tentative date for the meet is Friday April 4th - Sunday April 6th, 2014. For more information, visit the ECC page.


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 7:30 PM
    in the west end of the competition pool of the CRC.
  • New members are always welcome 

Meet Schedule



GT Swim Club Pool
[ the georgia tech competition pool, site of the 1996 olympics ]

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